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Private GKE Clusters With Terraform, Part 1 - The Design

Posted by @pcostesi on 2021-10-25

As part of a research I'm doing for work, we came up with the need to provision and manage a Kubernetes cluster (GKE-based) running on…

Invalidating caches after deploying

Posted by @pcostesi on 2021-07-22

In the last blog post, we set up Cloudflare so we could have TLS on the cheap. I incorrectly stated that we didn't need to modify the build…

Reducing blog hosting costs

Posted by @pcostesi on 2021-07-19

In the last blog post, we set up Terraform to automatically provision our infrastructure so we could host this blog. Now, I'm going to focus…

The Build Pipeline

Posted by @pcostesi on 2021-07-14

This blog is a static site built on Gatsby, as previously stated. As such, it requires a place to host the source code and another to host…

Infrastructure as Code

Posted by @pcostesi on 2021-07-14

In the last post we went over the main setup of this blog. However, we can go the extra mile. If we ever want to deploy another instance of…